Sunday, March 25, 2012



8x8- $79
11x14- $129
12x12- $129
16x20- $199
18x24- $289
24x24- $429


11x14- $198
12x12- $198
16x20- $298
18x24- $438
24x24- $648

For Pet Portraits:
These prices are for ONE pet per canvas.  For 2 pets, please take 50% of the price of the size you choose and add it onto the base price.  Please add 25% for every pet after the second.  All I need is photos (sent via email or hard copy), size, background color preference.  Please email Susie at or call 703-798-0364 with any questions or to place an order (email is the best way).

For People Portraits:
These prices are for one person per canvas.  The pricing of multiple subjects on the same canvas is calculated the same way as the pet portraits are.  Please keep in mind that the end result of the painting is the Artist's Interpretation of the figure and only minor changes will be granted at the discretion of the artist.  Only clear, close up photos can be worked from.   If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact Susie at or call 703-798-0364.

** Non-portrait special requests are more than welcome (e.g. landscapes, objects, and any other ideas). The Pets pricing will be applied.

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